Will this happen to us?

  1. Gucci, Gucci, gone - Yahoo! News

    How many of us would get kicked out of the airplane for our H bag?
    What do you do to protect your H bag when you are flying?

    I put my H in the sleepr bag inside a tote bag underneath the seat...(and try not to kick/step on her).
  2. i have a longchamp tote along on flights filled with fun in-flight supplies, so i could put my bag in there or in my computer bag, and stick it under the seat during take off, if i were asked to do so. ordinarily i have my bag behind me, as another pillow, or beside me and i've never had a flight attendant tell me to do otherwise (thankfully).
  3. I do not think this will happen to any of us because everyone here should know how to take good care of our bags.
  4. Such a funny story. In a way I see her as a kindred spirit and applaud her for sticking by her purse...although I would have been one irate passenger if she were on my flight.

    I dread taking my Birkin on the plane now, especially now that we travel with a toddler. With a car seat, diaper bag, and a purse, it's crazy. The black Togo will come with us sometimes b/c I don't worry about setting it on the floor or tucking it under the seat in front of me. Unfortunately, I'm not that careful with it b/c I know it's tough and don't have the foresight to bring the sleeper with me--that's a great idea.
  5. My carry on is togo so I don't worry about storing it overhead.
  6. I just traveled with my Caramel Chevre kelly and on the outbound portion I had her packed safely inside her sleeper in my rolling carry on which I then stowed in the overhead compartment. BUT on my way home, I just held onto her on my lap the whole trip....no problem! She's a trouper!!!!!
  7. I don't think this'll happen a Hermes girl because we'd be all in there with antiseptic wipes and dustbags and plastic bags to protect the dustbag! :lol:
  8. When I travel onflight I always sit next to the window (my husband always gracefully gives in) I always, and I mean always put her right in front of me but not tucked under the seat. If a steward asks me to tuck her in I'll act as if I'm about to do it but as soon as she leaves I'll take her back out, or I'll just keep her on the floor in between my husband and I. The felt bags are so good because they keep all the dirt away from your bag. When I get home I simply throw the dustbag in with my delicate wash.
  9. This is exactly what I do!