Will this bag look dated in a few years?


Jun 12, 2007
I love this Tory Burch studded satchel in black. I have a chance to get it on sale. I love the studs, but am worried that it will look dated after this season. Do you guys think I'll be able to wear for the next few years?



Nov 1, 2009
I just got this a month ago and I am super picky about buying things that I think I will love and use forever (or at least for several years). While it's a very personal choice, I really feel like the shape and structure of this bag coupled with the rather classic black lustrous leather will do great over time. I think the clean columns of gold studs make it interesting without screaming trend. Needless to say, I'm really enjoying it.

That said, however, if you have an inkling of doubt over it, you might let it go. Once you see the bag you love, come hell or high-water, you'll know it.