Will this bag be at an outlet someday?

  1. I've never been to a Coach outlet so I don't know exactly how it works, or what ends up there.

    I've been wanting this shoulder bag in black for several months but hesitate to pay full price if it will eventually turn up at an outlet.


    Should I wait it out or buy it for full price? Thanks, Peggy
  2. I'm sure it will make it there (esp. since its a non-signature item because some outlets dont get as many signature pieces) but they do go quickly!
  3. It might show up in the outlets a short while after it disappears from their website.
  4. I own this bag in white and black it is one of the best everyday bags I have ever bought. if you love it I say buy it but waiting shouldn't be to long as they are bond to have new one's in Aug. or Sept.
  5. I think that it will show up in the outlets- its a very pretty,simple bag!
  6. I used to work there... so when they have new stuff come in - a few days later, the seasonal items hit the outlet...
  7. That bag has been a "staple" item since spring--at least from what I've noticed... My guess is that it'll eventually get phased out, probably as fall approaches, then it might end up at the outlets.

    It used to be that it'd take almost a year for styles to wind up in the outlets. Or you'd see them "reproduce" a bag for the outlet a year after it was in stores. But now that they come out with so many collections, I think things just go straight to the outlet.

    Another option is to watch department stores. Macys, Nordy's and some others carry Coach and will eventually mark down the bags between 25-33% off. Nordy's apparently sends back what doesn't sell to Coach, so they don't usually drop the prices to 50%. Hope that helps!
  8. I have seen some similar pebbled leather bags at the outlet recently, you might want to check them out.
  9. I LOVE this bag! I am thinking about buying it, too. It is still expensive, but I am not near outlets often enough to know what they get in and when. I might just buy it from a department store. I need a good every day bag!