Will they still have Marine Cities in late Jan?


Apr 21, 2006
I am dying to get a Marine city bag but absolutely cannot afford to buy it until after the new year, most likely near the end of January. Do you think they will still have the Marine (old style, not big gold metal) cities for sale in the stores then? I am going to be so depressed if the answer is no .... Peggy
I can't wait to see if the Big Nipple Bags sell out, or sit on the shelves...:confused1:

Second that! I am still undecided on them at this point, but I have to say that when I was at Barney's, the Nipple bags had by far the most customers looking at them. Under the store lights, the gold was just really shiny and eye-catching. I don't know how many actually pulled out their wallets, but a lot of girls were trying them on.

Interestingly, the tiniest girls seemed to be drawn to the biggest bags. It was like an inverse proportion thing going on...
I asked Kim at BalNY this very question because the Marines are in/coming in and I'm on the list for one, but I'm also on the list for an Anthracite, so I wanted to go one time to see both bags side-by-side.

Kim said they expected Marine to be a HUGE seller this year, so they ordered a lot of them. She fully expected me to be able to go in January when the Anthracites come in and see a Marine, too. Of course, it's not a guarantee, but it's pretty close!
For the anthracites, Kim last week said "a few weeks." And in a different phone call to a different SA, I was told mid-January-ish. No firm date, just a general feeling about a date...but I'm definitely feeling January!

Gotta keep the CC clean until then...
I reckon Marine will still be around in Jan... no worries... :smile:

Yeah, I agree. I haven't seen colors sell out right away like they did a couple years ago. I remember my sad frantic search for a Seafoam Classique back in the day. lol. I got so fustrated that I stopped trying to get a balenciaga until I found the tPF earlier this year. They are more readily available now and they seem to be producing larger quantities than before.