Will they ship it out to you or will you have to pick it up???

  1. Hi. I am thinking about buying my 2nd Chanel, and I was wondering if you call an SA, and and order a bag from them over the phone, can they ship the bag out to your address (Wherever you live) or do you have to go to the Chanel boutique and pick it up???? There aren't any Chanel boutiques near me, and the SA I was thinking of calling is at the Chanel boutique in New York City. (A different state, than the state I live in.) Can you do/order everything over the phone, and then they ship it to your address or will you just have to go to the Chanel boutique anyway to pick it up??? Thanks.
  2. they'll absolutely mail it to you:yes:
  3. It cost $25 for second day air shipping and if there's no Chanel boutique in your state you don't have to pay tax.