Will they sell Miroir cosmetic cases at E-lux?

  1. Will they?
  2. Even if they did, I'd never buy these without seeing them first. Trust me, I did buy unseen and they were all scratched up. Now LV is ticked at me for making too many returns! LOL
  3. Probably not...the stores may have a few lingering around, but not enough to send some to elux to sell.
  4. ^ i agree, i highly doubt they'll show up on elux. they do pop up every now and then on vuitton.com, though...
  5. You really never know. I think now that elux and lv.com are "merged" more of the excess inventory from lv will find its way over. But, that's just my guess.:shrugs:
  6. u could always check periodically..:tup:
  7. Thanks!
  8. They already have. They were on there off and on for several days!
  9. Really?! Are you sure it's not louisvuitton.com since I've been checking e-lux as well.
  10. yes, elux already had the cosmetic cases for sale; they had both colors. i'd follow girlsgottashop's advice; the miroir line scratches easily, so ordering online is a risk.

    i hope you find what you're looking for; my fingers are crossed for you!!!
  11. You should definitely check them out in person first. A lot of TPFers received ones with scratches and had to return them.