will they replace a zipper thats tarnished???

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  1. I have my eyes on a preloved mini pochette but the zipper is tarnished also the zipper pull looks like it.peeled/tarnished?? Will LV replace it and how much would that cost any idea??? Thank.u! ;)
  2. Anyone?
  3. Zipper replacements are always free for me. Not sure if every store is like that but all the ones in NY are very lenient with it. My cles zipper and hook was replaced twice and they offered to swap a TP zipper pull but i said it was ok. Usually an in store repair that takes 15 min - a week depending on how busy they are
  4. They will replace it for a price! Not sure how much you would have to take it in to LV for a price. Sorry I couldn't help more..
  5. I remember replacing the piping and the brass on my old speedy and I think it cost a little over 200. I have no idea about the brass alone, very interesting question :smile:
  6. Someone posted the cost in another thread but I can't remember where. It is not free, you'll have to pay. I'd guess in the ballpark of $80-$100 because the replacement strap is about $80 for the regular pochette. But I'm totally guesstimating.
  7. Depending on how much the preloved one cost??!! It might be cheaper to buy it new!!!
  8. I just took my pochette in a few weeks ago- they replaced the zipper and the zipper end in the store while I waited (took about 5 minutes) for FREE. It's a free, in store service that they offer!
  9. Oh- they did say that they would have to send it away to have the zipper replaced, but the zipper wasn't bad, just the pulls. I sent away my large pochette to have all of the brass replaced, they said that would be around $45, because they have to remove the leather tab to put a new d-ring in. I'm not sure if the leather will be replaced as well- but I really don't think just the zipper would be that much.

  10. I'm in the process of having both zipper pulls replaced on my zippy wallet. It is free, in New Jersey. I have been waiting for almost 8 weeks now though since they didn't have the pieces in stock and they needed to be ordered. I'm starting to get impatient but I feel I shouldn't be since they are doing this for free!
  11. Thank you everyone good advice....i did let this one go because imo the bidding went up wayyyy to high considering its condition...
  12. Good to.know ;) my LV is at short hills.....now if the gas prices would go down some more lol
  13. Ohh nd hopefully you get your lv's back.soon ;)
  14. That's exactly where my wallet is- short hills!!!!
  15. So thats your store too :smile: