Will they make more mini monsters???

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  1. does anyone now if they will make more mini monster charms?
  2. Good question, stylin76! I hope a SA could answer, and also if Fendi is going to make more "regular-size" monsters. :biggrin:
    Btw, I just saw on the Fendi Italy website that there's one of the QuTweets with flower eyes, called Flowery, which is mini. Here's the link... http://www.fendi.com/it/mini-bag-bug-flowery-in-pelliccia-viola-e-multicolor/p-7AR46688GF03B3
    Fendi Italy website bag charms: http://www.fendi.com/it/donna/bag-charms?null

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  3. thank you I will check it out. I hope they do I saw a pic of the new ones of rainbow pom pom coming soon
  4. :nuts: That's great news! Thank you, stylin76! :biggrin:
  5. You are welcome