Will they look nice together?

  1. Ok, I have a new speedy 30 now, but I don't want it looking normal (not sure it's a right word to describe it, sorry). I am thinking to buy an extra small good to attach on it. First, I really like the mono Pouchette Tulum but it's kinda expensive to me. Now I am thinking about mono mini pochette to attach on the speedy 30. (btw I don't want a key ring...) Can someone show me how they look like? Please show me the pic of you carrying speedy30 with attached pouchette tulum or mini pochette thanks. (I want to see someone carrying it because the two small goods came with chains on the purse. I really want to know how they hang on the speedy 30.)
  2. i dont have any pics, but ive seen it befor IRL... and it looked good!
  3. i have the Pochette Tulum, but not the Speedy 30. i have the Speedy 25 though; i can take a picture of the Tulum on that, or on a bigger bag like my Batignolles Horizontal or Manhattan GM if you like :idea:
  4. ok thanks..maybe on the cherries speedy (i remember you have one)
  5. here's the Pochette Tulum on:

    Cerises Speedy 25
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Manhattan GM
    tulum 003.jpg tulum 002.jpg tulum 001.jpg
  6. I love it the best on the BH, thx for posting the pic!!
  7. you're welcome! and i like it best on the Batignolles Horizontal too. whenever i carry that bag i put my phone in the Pochette Tulum and hang it off the bag :biggrin:
  8. I kinda like it on the Manhattan GM, thanks.
    Anyone has mini pochette on Speedy 30?
    BTW, yeuxhonnetes can the Pochette Tulum
    hold an iPod or a digital camera?

  9. From what I've seen so far on TPF, you have AMAZING bags!! Just thought I'd let you know!
  10. i use the mini iPod, and even though it fits inside, it's too high and the cover won't close over it. needless to say, a digital camera won't fit. i bought it specifically for my phone :hrmm:

    thank you :love::shame:!
  11. I personally don't like any charms or mini pouches hanging off of my bags cuz they dingle n dangle everywhere which annoys me a LOT! lol May I recommend a scarf? lol just my opinion :biggrin:
  12. Would a motorolla razor fit in it?
  13. it might :hrmm:. up until last weekend i used a Samsung D500, which is smaller but not as slim as the Razr, and that fit JUST RIGHT. so the Razr MIGHT fit.
  14. i don't think tulum looks its best on speedy....maybe some cute cles like vernis cles in berry or groom cles :smile:

    those are also great cuz they hold coins or keys....not only cute but functional!!!
  15. The Razr does fit in it. It's a little bit taller, but you can still close the flap w/out wrecking it! :yes: