Will they have Silver GH Weekenders in plomb?

  1. Hi everyone!I'm in love with the plomb color w/ silver GH since I saw the pics posted by one of our TPFer. I'm thinking about getting a work, but because of the GH,I'm afraid that work will look even smaller than the RH ones(is it true??), so I think weekender might be a perfect choice, but do they make any at all in plomb or ocean bleu colors? Please help me...thanks a lot!!!:yes:
  2. you should give Bal NY a call or email Aloha Rag. i think LVR might be getting some in GH also.
    Bal's number is 212-206-0872. ask for Kim or Daphne.
  3. Hi again everyone!After I posted this topic, I realized that is a stupid and wasting everybody's time question, why don't I just ring BALNY up and ask them!!! Sorry about that guys. So I just called and they said they've not recieved the weekenders yet,that means they do make them,so I can put my hope on it!:wlae:Thank you guys for your time and have a wonderful day!!!:beach:
  4. Thank you nicole!hehe,i just called them...:p