Will they ever going to have WHITE medium flap again?

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  1. I've never seen anyone with a white chanel before. Does anyone know when was the last time they had a white one? Or when will they ever going to have another one again? I saw people selling them on eBay but not sure if they're real or not.
  2. If you can wait until Oct? My SA at Saks noted that there is Med white Caviar in Ghw for cruise collection. Also in Jumbo as well
  3. omg i don't mind the wait at all!!!! :happydance::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
    if you don't mind i ask, may i have your SA contact information?
    Also, do you know anything about a beige one too?
  4. image.jpeg image.jpeg If you look at the action thread, you can see mine and Tulip's single flap white jumbos. White is just the best. So crisp! Definitely recommend it.
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  5. its gorgeous!!! i love it!:tup:
    Your shoe is so beautiful btw
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  6. I love white Chanel!! Highly recommend it even though it will require slightly more maintenance (i.e. Being careful what you wear with it and where u put it) but it's totally worth it!!! White is so chic year-round IMHO. Here's my bone white caviar m/l with silver hardware

  7. Sorry to hijack OP's thread but had to comment on your amazing style and how gorgeous your vintage jumbo is!! gosh your taupe mini, this one, and that fuchsia mini - u have great taste my dear!!
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  8. Thank you! It's great- definitely try and get one.
    Oh my oh my!!! Look who is talking?! :smile: You're one stylish lady and you have my favourite size and favourite hardware- silver!! Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous! Plus I love the Chanel and Valentino combo there is just something so lovely about it!
  9. Loooove the white with silver hw. The upcoming cruise collection has white with ghw .
  10. Because of you, i'm actually thinking of getting both white with ghw AND white with shw (whenever i can track this down). Is that too crazy? :hrmm:
    Currently trying real hard to convince myself that white ghw and white shw are two complete different look.:blush:
  11. Hi there, Im sorry I didnt see you asked for SA. If you dont quote me, I dont get notice.

    My Saks Sa is Thomas +12674538641 Feel free to call or text him and ask to put on wait list for the item you want. He may have a beige current season
  12. This is the combo I love to have. I want white caviar w Shw. This cruise season has white w Ghw so I will wait for next seasons. I learn to wait and it worth it. Your bag is my dream bag.
  13. So true the wait is worthed. I hope to be owning a white one too next year
  14. hehe thanks for the kind words :blush: i scored her preloved in like new condition (she's a 10 series and her craftsmanship outshines my newer get bags IMHO!). and i agree, Chanel + Val is such a beautiful, striking combo!! :love:

    thank u!!

    i think gold and silver ARE completely two different looks, and not are must-haves in any Chanel collection IMHO!! i think maybe switch up the color and get one in white and one in another color and pick whichever hardware u love with that bag color. my white has SHW and my beige clair has GHW and it completely works for my style!

    yeah i don't think chanel has released white caviar with SHW in quite some time. mine is a 10 series and the official color is called "bone white". i found this one preloved in like new condition (the original owner carried her once to a wedding for a few hours). i agree, it's definitely hard but the wait is worth it!! it took me some time to find this one and there were times i was about to "settle" for one in good condition but i'm so glad i waited!!! i'm also hoping it comes back soon so you can get your dream bag!! :yes:
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  15. What year is a 10 series?