Will these Cole Haan flats stretch/flatten out?

Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
I bought these Cole Haan patent leather ballet flats in two sizes (one to be returned). I have never bought these style of flats before, and I am not sure which size to keep. The smaller size fits perfect when I am seated and my heels are all the way to the back, but are snug (though not pinching or smooshed) when I am standing/walking. The larger size feels nice when I am standing/walking but I have gaps on the sides, and when I sit they feel huge.

I would just like to know if these elastic style ballet flats will "flatten" out a tiny bit with wear? and also if patent leather will loosen a tiny bit as well? I really like these, so I would love to keep one pair! I am leaning towards the smaller size, as long as they will loosen up a tad.


May 18, 2014
I know leather does stretch out over time so I think they will mold to your feet. I don't have these type of flats but I do have Cole Haan drivers and they have gotten looser as I wear them more often. HTH