Will these be left ??? Thanks ! :)

  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you think LV will have Groom keyrings still available in a couple of weeks ??. Im thinking about possibly getting a blue one but not too sure. I will also have to get a vachetta Luggage tag with my initials on but that can wait...so what do you guys think ?.
    Also why were on the subject lol do you think LV still has the Spring/Summer Mens catalogue left ?. Thanks to everyone who answers my questions
  2. My store still has the blue and has for awhile.
  3. The catalogs JUST came out so yeah they will have it. My store told me groom is very popular (at least not in MI) so they always have plenty of everything!
  4. ooo thanks guys :flowers:
  5. Good luck in your search Steve! I'm sure there will still be some around in a couple of weeks. ;)
  6. i just got a luggage tag and it looks so cute on my speedy. i need it heatstamped though.
    anyone know if leeds (UK) store can heatstamp?
  7. yeah I think they do because they are the only store except London to have a VIP section :smile:
  8. thanks John :flowers: