Will these 2 compliment each other?

  1. The Grande Shopper in Beige Cavier and the LV Vernis Noisette-NEW BEIGE
    I ask because someone is getting me the LV keychain/holder and the french coin purse/wallet and I don't know how to tell her I'd rather have Chanel? But its a gift. I suppose I could use it w/ my lV's & Burberry's if I have too.
    Are you familar w/ both these colors and can you give me your thoughts?
    So does the Chanel Beige compliment the LV Vernis-New Beige???
    Thank You so much!
  2. I'd prefer something contrasting rather than the same color family but different textures.
    Like, I would rather carry that wallet w/ a black Chanel or something rather than it looking like I'm attempting to match them.
  3. Really, I know what you you mean! It feels so wrong. A fashion don't for sure. OK I will use it w/ my other bags instead and just not say anything.
  4. Honestly, it's probably only something you will notice though. I'm sure if I were behind you at the grocery store I would notice your lovely accessories but not give another thought about the colors!
    We're so analytical when it come to ourselves!
  5. Oh tell me about it. I will see when I get them, if they don't absolutely- 100% turn me on - FORGET ABOUT IT! I have to be so tickled pink these days !! I'm so spoiled. Hee-hee
  6. Yea, I don't think it really matters either. Like mentioned before, you're probably the only one who will notice.
  7. Thx guys!