Will there ever be a Damier Batignolles?

  1. It seems like the a natural next iteration -- the Damier Speedy is a hit and the Batignolles is so popular -- any guesses how long it might be til we see the Batignolles in Damier?
  2. I dont now if they will ever make one but i hope they will.
  3. I asked about special ordering it and my SA told me that *maybe* when the current sales slow it could happen.
    He said right now LV is having a difficult time keeping up w/ the demand so will not entertain special orders or looking to make it in Damier as a staple piece.
  4. 0o0o0o, it would be quite nice if the BH came in damiers!!!! only time will tell...
  5. YEA~~~Damier Batignolles would be HOT!!!!
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