Will there be???

  1. A gift exchange within the Coach Forum. I know that there is a tpf-wide one, but I was just wondering!!! TIA!!
  2. I want to particpate in a Coach forum one since I missed out on RAOK :-/
  3. oooooooh...yes! Let's! :yahoo:
  4. LOL BUT THE THING IS...I REALLY want to do a coach accessory gift exchange....
    like we send each other keyfobs or charms or something small like that!
  5. Hmmm - an accessory gift exchange sounds like a cute idea! :yes:
  6. Heya' girls sounds like a fun idea but I definetely have to check with Vlad and Megs first. Not quite sure the ins and outs of this kind of exchange. If you can give me more info. on your ideas I'll run it past them.

  7. Some of the girls were saying accessories, which is a good idea. Or we could go along with what they are doing in the main forum. Vlad said something about that, and different designer forums doing seperate ones. It sounds like such a fun thing to do tho!!!!!
  8. Yep, my idea was just to do small accessories - cellie lanyards, keyfobs, even mini skinnies, ETC.

    Those don't break the bank and they are very cute and creative looking on almost anything one has in their collection!!!
  9. So were you girls thinking of choosing 1 certain person and you two exchange with each other? Or like RAOK where its a secret?
  10. I'm thinking more of a secret santa type thing.
  11. ooooh, i wanna play!
  12. Yeah, secret santa...it is so fun to surprise people! Plus that way some of us that are new can play along and meet new friends :smile:
  13. I'm in.
  14. sounds like fun! I hope we can do it:yes:
  15. That sounds like fun! I would love to do that!