Will there be Tokidoki's next year?

  1. Does anyone know the story on Tokidoki's being the last year this year? Is that true? I can't remember where I read something about that -then i heard Pirata, L'Amore and Adios are the last of the prints to be sold in stores? Also, Spiaggia won't be sold in stores just online? :shrugs:
    I was just wondering... thanks!
  2. There are a few more. Tutti, Famiglia and Transporto. I believe that is it. From what I heard, Spiaggia is going to be sold in stores, well I at least know ours will sell it.
  3. This year is supposed to be the last year for the lesportsac bags but they're bound to go on sale early 2008. I'm pretty sure there'll be other things toki for you to be hooked on too, so don't worry..lol
  4. after transporto, there will be the holiday line which has yet to be revealed. i kinda cant wait for the end of the tokidokixLesportsux collab...then i can properly save money again -___-
  5. ohh that's good to know! ok i remember there's the Tutti, Famiglia and Transporto line coming out later.. but i was all bummed that this was the last year for prints!
    then again.. maybe that'll save me money if it ever ended with bags lol..

    oooo a holiday line?
  6. wait, there's more after transporto? Ithought transporto was the last one.... :confused1: anyone else know?
  7. Transporto and Tutti are the last KNOWN prints for Tokidoki LeSportsac. There's supposed to be a holiday line but we've yet to see leaks of prints.
  8. speaking of leak of prints ... did anyone else notice that there were pics of some of the soon-to-be-released prints online and no there aren't any now? something about tokidoki asking them to take off the prints? bummers. i should have paid more attention to them. :sad:
  9. Are yout alking about the kinda blurry ones? If you need to see it, I know where you can look...you can PM Me, but it's not to be posted.
  10. a little off the topic.. but is spiaggia supposed to be only in lesportsac stores..? or also at like, boutiques and macy*s, Nordies, and bloomies?