will there be "the OC" season 4?

  1. after the end on season 3 where marissa died. would there still be season 4. although my focus on this series is summer & seth, people loved mischa barton.
    i loveee the dress & of course marissa's chanels :cutesy:
  2. Yes they're still doing a Season 4....but I don't know how good it's going to be with Marissa gone.
  3. What????Marisa dies? Oh noooo:hysteric:
    Can please someone tells me how she dies?
  4. We don't actually know if she's dead or if she's passed out in the finale though do we? Gonna go read the other thread now, maybe it was posted in there lol :smile:
  5. I believe that there is a fourth season, but it will have only 16 or so episodes, starting in November.:crybaby:
  6. I did not get to see any of Season 3...I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD. But, I am still in shock that they killed of Marissa!! :cry: I was always rooting for her & Ryan to eventually end up together.
  7. it's so sad... oh, i guess it's up to mischa if she decided to join the team again or not. and the ending that marissa died is not so shocking because i know the reason is she maybe want to quit the OC :P
  8. What?? I'm going to check out the other thread too, thanks!
  9. I love the OC, I've loved it since it started. However, does anyone else feel it doesn't possess the same great qualities that it once did? I don't want to give up on it but the show just isn't the same anymore.
  10. what i love about the OC is the music... it's soooo good.
    and yeah, i feel that the season 3 is too dragging. and i kinda getting to have a love & hate relationship with marissa. she just can't seem enough with 1 boy! OMG! and her sister? simply annoying...
    still love seth & summer though :P
  11. LOVE the California song. My best friend and myself have a little dance to go with it (as corny and sad as that may sound lol). Marissa was totally bothering me along with her sister. Summer and Seth are absolutley adorable. I hope season 4 is way better than 3!
  12. I Love The OC & The Characters.....I Don't Enjoy It So Much Watching It When It's On....When I Rewatch It Later That Night Or The Next Day). It's Of My All-Time Favorites.

    ***I Agree I Love Marissa's Wardrobe & Chanels!!!!!! :smile: The Best! I Loved Her Prom Gown......Beyond Gorgeous!!! :smile:

    As For Marissa Dying, Who Knows. I Read She Was On A Couple Talk Shows (Before The Finale), Saying She's Gone (Though She Has A Five Year Contract)......Publicity?????

    I Also Read That There Are Fake Scripts Going Around....With #-5 Possibilities (I Can't Remember All)......Some Weird Stuff. I Will Try & Find Where I Read It.......Also, I Read Some Kirsten Info....If Anyone Is Interested (I Don't Want To Spoil)........

    Many, Haven't Seen The Ending Of The OC Yet......Maybe We Should Ask Jill If We Can Put "Possible Spoiler" On This??? ...........Because I Love Discussing The OC!!!!!!!! :smile:
  13. Still 3 more episodes to the ending here in Australia and the preview is kinda hinting "farewell to marissa"....I am not sure if I am going to like it and I don't think I will like the oc without mischa :sad: