Will there be new colors in the Mini Lin line for fall??

  1. Just wondering, I have the Ebene and I love it!! I heard a while back that there might be a gray?? TIA
  2. I think a nice pink would be nice..even dark green,.
  3. hmm i dunno. that would be nice. if that's the case i'll ask my SA when i go pick up my sunset because i'm planning on buying a mini lin speedy while i'm there...
  4. Pictures of a stripey mini lin are already out. It will be launched as a part of the cruise collection in november.
  5. oo where where?? off to the reference library ;)
  6. I wanna see mini lin pics!!!
  7. I remember hearing about that gray, and I am patiently waiting for it!! If it's good, then I am going for the Danube!
  8. Stripey mini lins can be found in the 08 Cruise Collection thread. They are available for pre-order and will hit shelves (if not sold out) in November. Bags come in 4 styles and the are hat boxes.
  9. I just updated the thread with bag information (Mini Lin Croisette) from the lookbook I saw this morning!! These are great-looking bags! Restricter, thank you for these pictures of the Marina PM and GM!!!!:yes: