Will there be new azur bags in the near future?

  1. I love azur but they are only a few models availeble does anybody know if there will be some new models?

  2. did you see the pic of Azur Sporty bag? That's the only new model of Azur that I know
  3. :nuts: i would love to see it! pretty plz can u link me where is the pic? :yes: thank u sweetie :love:
  4. The only one in the near future is the sporty...the current look book goes through June, I think....so after that who knows :smile:
  5. SPORTY! :yes:
    It's kinda like a duomo in shape if you ask me
  6. I'd love an azur papillon :love:
  7. actually they are releasing the Naviglio in azur too
  8. Yeah eventually there will be, it's just still pretty new yet.
  9. OMG, yes!!! :nuts:
    That would be gorgeous, I'd definitely get one!
  10. Thanks for the info!
  11. I've heard this in various threads, but I have yet to see it in the lookbooks. It is kind of like the Miroir lockits, I'll believe it when I see it. :p:confused1:
  12. Believe this one! it is in the book saw it yesterday
  13. how gorgeous would that be???!
  14. There are still many on the waiting list for the current versions. I hope they get new models out soon, I love Azur!