Will There Be More Satchel Styles Like....

  1. the heritage XL satchel and the medium Lily? I noticed they both have the double zippers and the studded center detail. I'm wondering if they'll use this same overall style for other designs...maybe more basic leather satchels or regular jacquard?

    I love that overall design but am worried that the heritage stripe style isn't for me. I love the pics I've seen of it but I tend to be a pretty understated, leather kind of girl.:shrugs:

    Does anyone have an inside skinny on this satchel design?:graucho:
  2. Sorry, no skinny on any new satchels but I wanted to add that I also like the idea of a double zipper with two seperate compartments. I hope they make more styles like this..:yes:
  3. I love the look too. I'm not sure the Heritage satchel is for me, though I love the tote. I am really loving the look of med Lily~~I am more of an understated leather girl too. I think I need to add a satchel to my collection. But I don't know if I can stomach paying almost $800 for Lily!!

    Have you seen the Andrea satchel from last year? It doesn't have the double zipper but it's a really nice-looking leather satchel! I've seen a few on eBay recently.
  4. I would like a satchel too but I cannot carry a Lily - just too heavy for me.
    I would like for Coach to make the shape of the Heritage Stripe Satchel in
    vintage leather. I would be all over that if they made it.
  5. COACH definitely needs more satchels like this!