Will there be more pieces add to the Roses and Graffiti line?

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  1. I just looked on the LV Website and saw a Roses Wallet and it said coming soon. I hadn't seen anything about this before so I was curious as to if we will see other pieces such as a Graffiti Pochette added that we don't know about yet.
  2. Good question, i'd love a rose or Graffiti bandeau!
  3. I reeeaaally hope they make a graffiti pochette! and if they do, i hope i hear about in time before I resort to a roses pochette.
  4. I can't wait for the roses wallet and I really hope they make an agenda
  5. hmm, not sure. i just hope if it is an LE piece, they dont expand it too much as it just totally takes away from the allure of it
  6. r u referring to the sprouse roses zippy wallet?
    that's been in the sprouse line from the beginning of the launch..
  7. As for Graffiti, my SA informed me that there will not be any Graffiti Pochette.
  8. Thanks...I was hoping for one. I am glad I bought the roses.
  9. Good call, the Roses Pochette is soo pretty.