Will there be more Damier Azur items in the Future?

  1. like for example the Ilovo or the Koala wallet etc.?
  2. I think there is a koala wallet coming out too
  3. I would assume if the line is successful, then there could be additional items.
  4. hm, it's not on their website, some items are already there.
  5. My crystal ball says the future is cloudy.

    My Magic 8 Ball says it is decidedly so.

    My SA says I have no idea.
  6. The kola wallet is definitly on their website, you just have overlooked it. A belt will come out as well. We had a thread with screencaptures for the two wallets, the cles and the agenda.

    The thread in question.
  7. weird, maybe I only looked at the small koala. it definitely wasn't there. but maybe that's just in the shop and not the general section.

    however, I'm more interested in the ilovo anyways :smile:
  8. The release of future items depends on whether or not the line is really successful.
    And even if it was successful and they decide to bring out new items, they wouldn't introduce 10-15 new items all at once. It would be gradual - ie, 2 or 3 new bags, and/or 2 or 3 new accessories.
  9. Can u tell me if there is the Sac Plage on the website? can't find it!
  10. On the website, if you look at the Damier line, you have to click on the particular item. Then click on the color thingy. Some have a choice of Azure, some don't. I am happy they are making a french purse.
  11. ITA, I am sure the model for release would be similar to MC...except this time they started out saying perm. How many of us were more than a little miffed rushing to get MC, because it was suppose to be limited!
  12. Oooh I would love it in the Lllova!!
  13. :graucho: I'm dreaming on a damier azur Alma....:wlae: :drool: :love:
  14. I would love an azur bucket! :love: