Will there be any more big Coco cabas?

  1. So .. i called all Chanel stores in NYC yesterday to find out if there where any PNY wallets left in black. After seeing yours in the reference library i knew i had to have one. And yes after being connected a few times I finally spoke to a SA who could find one for me. I´m really happy with that but then it got me thinking.

    What i really want is a black caviar Coco cabas grande. Will there ever be anymore of them? I tried to search this forum but i can´t find a answer there. Since i just bought another Chanel purse, I can´t afford both of them but i think it would be worth to pass the PNY wallet (i really don´t need a new wallet,it´s just that they are s:huh:OO fine) if i could get a hold of a big coco cabas.

    What do you think?