Will there be any clutch for the miroir line?

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  1. I know there will be speedy, alma, pochette and cles. Will there be a clutch too? :shrugs:
  2. No - but you probably could use the pochette as a clutch.
  3. I saw it in Bazaar mag, it is gorgeous, I guess I saw wrongly then? :shrugs:
  4. Yes there is, but it's well over $100K because it's solid gold.
  5. Originally LV was going to make a solid gold clutch for about $210,000 US. Is that what you saw?
  6. LV decided not to produce it.
  7. *Gasp* Serious?! But the pix I saw is a silver clutch.
  8. It's really GORGEOUS! It's a silver clutch, with LV logos embossed on it, just like the speedy and alma, and there's a buckle on it, with s-lock like those koala closure for mc bags.
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