Will there be an Epi Lockit?

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  1. I don't know if this question has been posted before but does anyone know if LV will produce a Lockit in Epi leather? :wondering
  2. I don't recall seeing an Epi Lockit in the book of new/upcoming releases.
  3. Hmmm...

    If the Lockit would come out in Epi, it would have to be special ordered... but one must wait for about 2 years before special order requests can be made since the bag just came out. ;)
  4. If it did come in epi, that would be fantastic.
  5. Aaaw, that would be great!!!
  6. I think it would be great in damier too. I love my suhali lockit...it is such a great style:heart:
  7. i think so.. that would be great if they released epi lockit though.
    i would imagine that the red will look so HOT!! :drool:
  8. Hi!:smile:

    No,for the moment,it´s not planned to be produce in épi leather.

  9. Thanks for the info....I sure hope they do make them some day because IMO I think the Lockit would look so awesome in the Epi leather and at least it wouldn't be as expensive as the Suhali leather.
  10. I wouldn't put it past LV to make one- especially since they're trying to promote it as a Vuitton classic- and most of the classics (i.e. speedy, alma, bucket, etc.) are made in a multitude of materials. oh, what about a Lockit in Damier? :graucho:
  11. id love to see an epi one. and a damier, at least with the damier treated leather you wouldnt have to worry about the bottom like with the mono...
  12. what i'd really like is an exact replica of the original Lockit GM in trianon canvas, vachetta trim and that geometric "V" printed on the front :yes:
  13. I wonder if they'd SO that, it'd be fierce ! :yes: