Will there be an Azur Papillion?

  1. I am so tempted to get the Speedy 25 but if a pap is in the near future im gonna try to hold out. Has anyone heard? Thanks!
  2. We haven't really heard anything about new styles inthe Azur yet...I think it might be awhile for a Pap :yes:
  3. I agree with Rebecca...probably in the future, but I think only these existing styles will be in the stores for the next few months (or years).
  4. I hope so, I'd love one!
  5. Omg, azur pap!! Are you kidding me? That'll be so pretty!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  6. I agree! the damier is soo gorgeaus in the papillion.. So I think the azur would look absolutely stunning..
  7. Yes, an Azur papillon would be lovely. If only the leather was white and treated..."vanilla leather" (as opposed to "chocolate leather" on ebene Damier)...I wonder how many times I've said that.
  8. Well my friend works for LV and he said they will be out March/April
  9. karman, you should suggest that idea to LV....it would make that line sooo much prettier (not like it already isn't or anything). ;)
  10. That would look so cute, I might wait for that.
  11. An Azur Pap would be to die for!! :drool:
  12. I would love one, I'm sure it would be gorgeous!
  13. I will buy two of it at once...no kidding. :yes::love:
  14. a papillion and a noe would be great.. lets keep our fingers crossed!
  15. ohhh- that would be hot!