will there be a shoulder edith for fall?

  1. I'd heard rumours of this somewhere in this forum - does anyone know if it's true? Will it be the same style, just with longer straps that will fit over the shoulder?
  2. There was a thread with pics from ET about a style to wear over the shoulder.
  3. Yes, it's called the Cantine. Let me see if I have pics handy...
    1-CantineBlack.JPG 1-CantineWhiskey.JPG
  4. Where'd you get the pics and the name from?? so interesting!!
  5. Thanks for the pics! Although it's a different style from the current Edith - something to consider. Has a different vibe...
  6. My SA at Ron Herman sent me the pics. They came direct from Chloe. Both colors are available for pre-order with delivery around August.
  7. I think I'd prefer it, if it looked more like the original Edith, just with a longer strap/straps and in blue/turquoise, of course!
  8. At first it looks a little strange, but the more times I look at it, the more I think I rather like it.
  9. Oh great...now it's starting to grow on me, too! Although I could do without that goofy flap thing over the top. If you look at it as a bowler bag rather than as an Edith bag it's kind of cute. Still, I think one Edith is enough for me.
  10. i think I need to see it in the flesh...its not growing on me
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