Will there be a sac plat and alma mirage?

  1. Enclosing pic from runway show I presume...
  2. No... I don't think LV will be coming out with the Alma and Sac Plat in the mirage line. I really like the sac plat though...you can really see the fading.
  3. Yah, ever since I first saw the prototype pic, the sac plat is the only one I want from the Degrade (now known as Mirage) range :sad:
  4. The Alma is really hot!!! :drool:
  5. It's not being produced unless it's a total suprise release shame I reall like the sac plat too
  6. i now crazy over alma MM :yahoo:
  7. Nope, neither. In the LV dvd with Marc, literally the day of the show Marc will pick from the bags that they have sitting there that they created which are for the show, the rest don't make it to the show and then once the show is over they decide which ones will be produced, because they made Dentelle Alize 24 hour bags from what it looked like in the dvd and dentelle almas which never even hit the runway...
  8. See the bags sitting on the shelf, the alma and the Alize or its an oversized Deauville... those never hit the runway, justl like the Mirage Alma and Sac Plat...

  9. thanks for the pics again matt... i love oversized Deauville but what the point of creating the bag and never sell it ???? :confused1:
  10. well they brainstorm TONS of ideas for the show, and they end up creating numerous bags like you see in the picture above... it gives them a better selection of choices for what will HIT the runway, but then again not all runway bags make it into production. It sucks because, a lot of them we like and would like to see available for sale, but its up to Marc, its his decision!
  11. then after the runway and the selected bag any ideas where those "unselected" bag goes ? lv musemum/giving it away? lol:p yeah hope marc jacob really understand our desire lol...
  12. Well some may think they destroy them, I want to say they store them for reference or take them apart and save the materials?
  13. ok thanks alot 4 the info....:tup:
  14. Wow, thanks for sharing!! Never knew they made bags like that in dentelle. I wish he would have released some of these bags!
  15. Thanks for those pics Matt, it's amazing to find out about those that never made it to production :biggrin: