Will there be a Kate Spade F&F sale in the fall?

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  1. Would really appreciate it if someone could fill me in....
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I agree I would like to know too
  3. Has anyone tried her diaper bags? I figure f&f would be a good time to consider it.
  4. Versatile, stylish....but expensive (even on sale, sometimes).
  5. One of our current diaper bags is the Dot Noel Stevie. Super huge, and a little bit awkward with the rolled patent straps. They tend to slide on my shoulders, anyway.

    The stroller strap is super convenient! And the big size is great for when you have to carry a lot of stuff. I think I'll be keeping it even after we are out of the diaper bag stage for use as a weekend bag.
  6. What about the original question? Is there a sale/f&f event coming up?
  7. last year they had one the first weekend in November. My guess is that would be when the next one will be (although it runs up as being too early for the black friday sales, not sure how that works)
  8. Thanks Morisa :smile:
    What are the sales typically like? Is it a 20% or deeper?
  9. They usually have a special set of items available as part of the sale. Very rarely is there a flat 20% or 25% off all purchases. Last year, they had an extra 25% off sale items right after new years.
  10. A few weeks ago, Kate Spade had 20% off in-store purchases to launch their fall line (excluding watches). They told me that they usually only do these types of sales once a year - so I wonder if that is it? If you hear of another sale - let me know!!
  11. They do 20% off full price items pretty often. Probably once a quarter.
  12. Cool so I guess 50% off was a score!!!
  13. There's currently an extra 25% off all sale items, good until today (Monday November 5th at 11:59 PM PT) . Promo code is NOV12SALE :smile:
  14. Do they do something special for black Friday? I missed the last f&f :sad:
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    Hi ladies! I spotted this thread and wanted to share - there's a 20% off site-wide surprise sale happening at Kate Spade today and tomorrow only! (November 16 & 17)

    You use code H12WARD - http://www.purseblog.com/link.php?id=5590

    I am a HUGE Kate Spade fanatic. :smile: