will there be a blue jean baby cabas in Spring?

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  1. does anyone know if there will still be that teal/blue jean color when the new ones are available in Feb. or spring or whenever the new batch comes in? If blue jean was a cruise collection color, I'm worried they won't be back. And they're gone from everywhere I've called (a lot of stores didn't even get that color in). I have a chance to buy one for slightly over retail, so I'm wondering if it's now or never.
  2. i remember one of our lovely tPfers posted similar info, denim coco cabas will be available in spring .. not sure though
  3. My SA just found the teal one for me yesterday. I asked if they would be getting more and she said she didn't think so. Wish I had more certain info for you.
  4. When I asked about getting a black Cabas in the spring, my SA told me they were only getting in denim. I thought she meant a fabric denim... ?
  5. i really hope its a fabric denim as well .. imagine if it comes in denim with decoration on it or some patchwork? :cutesy:
  6. not denim, "blue jean" is the teal. is that coming back for spring?
  7. ^^ i guess denim will be the new color/material for spring's coco cabas