Will there be a 20% factory coupon for Feb?

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  1. It's 20%. I was just there.
  2. They're handing them out right now?
  3. I just called my outlet and they said 20% off coupon at the door. I am heading over right now!!
  4. Any idea how long it will last? I can't go until the 13th or 14th...
  5. I'm going on the 10th =(
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    My outlet told me through Sunday the 7th.
  7. This sucks! I specifically planned my Syracuse trip for presidents day weekend because a few people on here were saying that's when the next coupon would be!

  8. darn i was really hoping there wouldve been one for presidents day weekend.
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    There's another thread in this forum with a link to a Coach page where, if you put in your info, you can print an outlet coupon for 20% off from Feb. 11-21.

    Link: www.factoryoffer.coach.com
  10. At Military Rd. outlet they were giving 20% off cupons. Also at Niagara Falls, Ontario one they were as well!
  11. thank u sooo much tudorose! :yahoo:

    oh ya, for those who want to print it out, dont forget to turn on ur pop-blocker :smile:
  12. Thank you guys for this thread. I just called mine and they are handing out the coupons. :yahoo:
  13. anyone know if carlsbad oulet is handing out coupons?
  14. This thread makes me want to head out to the Military Road store tomorrow - but, alas, I have no money.. :crybaby: