Will there be a 20% factory coupon for Feb?

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  1. I'm sure there probably will be but does anyone have a heads up on when it may be coming out?

  2. Maybe President's Day weekend? Not sure.
  3. Thanks!! Coupons always make me happy :biggrin:
  4. I just called my outlet (Canada) and they said they were handing out 20% coupons at the door. I would assume that all outlets are doing this.
  5. Called my outlet yesterday and they're handing out 20% coupons at the door Wed-Sun this week. Whoo hoo!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I'll be going to my outlet tonight... so we'll find out!
  7. The coupons they are handing out, are they good for that day only?
  8. Normally, yes, they say on the bottom "today only," but of course they recycle them for different days. If they really do hand out until Sunday though, it won't really matter.
  9. I called my outlet yesterday and they said they are handing out 10% coupons. Has it changed to 20%?
  10. I just called AC and they are handing out 20% coupons
  11. I called my outlet an hour or so ago and they said the coupons are 20% now. I wonder if they're doing that to compete with Macy's? in any case it's our gain!
  12. yeay!! :yahoo:
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    Wow, I called my outlet in Las Vegas and they said they don't know yet if there's a 20% off coupon but their store hasn't opened quite yet. I called an outlet in Calif. and they said they're giving out 10% off coupons today. weird.
    edit: I called my other local outlet and they are giving out 20%.
    edit again: all my outlets now have the 20%. yay!
  14. Hm, I wonder if my store is 10% or 20%. Makes quite a different IMO!
  15. Wow, this is crazy. Each of my 2 local outlets in WI are different. My mom went to Pleasant Prairie last night and they're only handing out 10%. Johnson Creek told me over the phone yesterday that they have 20% through Sunday. Hmmmm, I know which one I'll be going to!