Will then tremendous market downturns effect your LV purchasing

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  1. With the markets allover the world taking a horrible down turn, will this effect what yo spend your $$$ on, especially luxury items such as LV's
  2. if my state of finance is fine than it does not affect me. i only invest with excess money that i'm able to ride through the 10years (?) economic cycle. anyhow i'm trying to limit my purchase so that i will enjoy my existing bags more :p
  3. It does not effect my purchases
  4. It wont affect my purchases, but I am unhappy because I just bought stock.
  5. It wont affect me, I only buy something when I have the $ for it. Never charge on my cc and pay later.

    As for the market...it had to correct itself with inflation being as out of control as it is. Hopefully the 3/4 point reduction will help. But stocks are long term so dont worry.
  6. ~It doesn't affect me because I know my limits;)~
  7. Thanks for the question...I had been curious and thinking of posting this. For me, it does affect a little. Not necessarily that I can't afford them now, but it is a bit of a psychological thing where you want to "protect your nest egg" and save a little more in this crazy economic time!
  8. It might increase, cause the reseller market might suffer and it's my chance to pick up a few at a steal ! :graucho:
  9. i iwll be checking on eBay for great steal....:graucho:
  10. I'm in a shopping freeze right now, and about to get our first mortgage, so it may affect me quite positively if interest rates go down!
  11. It will make me think a little harder. If the US is heading for a recession and things get bad it may effect a lot of our jobs. Some say it could get as bad as the great depression in some areas. I don't know about all of you but if it gets bad then my job will be gone and well so will the money (which is great) but as some of you say the resell market might be a good shopping ground :smile:
  12. That's exactly what I am trying to do - limit my purchases so I can actually ENJOY the bags I have instead of letting most of them sit in my closet for weeks or months at a time. I have decided that having two or three bags that I constantly use is better than having six or seven bags that see very little use.
  13. Well the US market is still doing pretty well (other than the housing market). There is talk of a recession, but that is just talk at this point. So no worries yet. And chances are very low that there will ever be a great depression again. There are safeguards in place now that were not there in the 1930's. :smile:

    But if there was a dowturn in the economy I probably would try to save more and spend less.
  14. of course.
  15. Yes, I kind of think twice before running out and buying. I like to have my future secure and my children's. I'm not sure what's going to happen with the economy. I have a lot in the stock market, so it scares me.