Will the Zip Clutch Ever Go on Sale?

  1. I feel like I've been stalking it for so long. I know there were some on sale from Shopbop and Nordstrom a while ago, but for very brief periods of time and I missed the boat. How likely am I to find them on sale any time soon? I want any non-black color that isn't too easy to get dirty.
  2. they should be marked down for the next round of sales around end of april or may, but you have to be quick. those are usually the first to sell out.
  3. this won't be easy.

    i think the best way to get one would be to wait for a non-specific coupon... f&f, open a dep't store cc, etc. i waited for a sale and never caught the colors i wanted. when the lilac came out- i opened a Saks card got 10% off and then the display happened to be the last one so they offered me another 10% off. i think 20% of a current season zc is a great deal.

    good luck!
  4. Definitely keep checking the sale thread during April and May... that's when all the ZC sales leak out!
  5. I'm going to do wait until the sale to. In the mean start collecting points on my credit card to cash out for a gift card to help! :wlae:
  6. Are you talking about the zip clutch wallet? I think they have it for $97 on 6pm.com.

    I'm waiting for the LOVELY clutch to go on sale! ahh
  7. that is the marc by marc jacobs lovely zip clutch.... i think missetoile is looking for the collection zip clutch?
  8. yep....shopbop had a bordeaux and peanut zc for 197.00$ this year...even cheaper than eBay...just be patient and fast!
  9. Yes! I have always gotten my Zip Clutches on sale!

    I purchased one on sale from Neiman Marcus, one from Nordstrom, and one from Bloomies. All were about $200-something. You just have to know right when to hit the sale, because they sell very fast. You also have to compromise a bit on color -- the really basic colors rarely go on sale. You may have to wait until the end-of-season now, but you will get one!
  10. You can definitely get zc's on sale...got both of mine on sale. Just be patient...I was bummed when the bordeaux zc got marked down on Shopbop to 276 and missed it. However, about a month later, I was able to get one for a much lower price!!! So there is definitely hope!!:tup:
  11. I got a zipclutch for 45% off a couple months ago! The bloomingdales FF was 30% off and I got an additional 15% off for opening a bloomies charge. Both my sister and I got one. It was a fabulous day, and best of all no color exclusions. I would recommend waiting for a friends and family event then opening a card account, if possible
  12. When is the next bloomingdales FF event?