Will the xl coco cabas ever be re-launched??

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  1. the one that got away... i don't have much luck purchasing on ebay. the spirit stretch cabas don't do it for me. does anyone know if they will re-launch this bag? i was told the pre-fall will be available in may...??? i'm hoping they'll have something like the coco cabas- or better yet bring it back!
  2. They've been standing out to me a lot lately, but I didn't really like them the first time round. Now I've added it to my lust list for myself or my sister. They are to Chanel what the NF is to LV, kwim?

    Have you tried posting about it in the shopping section... those ladies can find anything.
  3. i don't know it about it being re-launched but there is a large black on on malleries for $27xx........
  4. thanks ladies! i'll keep hunting... but i'm hoping fall 2010 has what i'm looking for!!!