will the vernis in pomme and amarante colors ever get discontinued?

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  1. will the vernis in pomme and amarante colors ever get discontinued?

    Or... are those 2 colors--- a forever permanent color of Louis vuitton now?
  2. From what I understand, there are no permanent vernis colors. They will all eventually be discontinued.

  3. oh dannng.

    Does this mean.. that once it's discontinued--- the item will become more expensive on say ebay?
  4. There are no permanent colors, Vernis colors usually come out for about 2 years before it gets discontinued.

  5. so then.. afterwards--- the discontinued items will be more exclusive??

    When did the Pomme and the Amarante come out?

    Has there ever been ANY colors similar to Pomme and Amarante?
  6. i read somewhere on here that pomme is getting discontinued soon.. *sniff*
  7. Has there ever been ANY colors similar to Pomme and Amarante?
  8. ^^ Ditto
  9. oh, that would be so sad.. I love those colours. Actually - I think those are the best ones.
    Gosh - I really need to get forward about getting that amarante agenda before it's too late.
  10. In that case, I should make plans on getting something in Amarante. Maybe a Pochette cles or something. I'm considering on getting an Pomme Agenda in a few weeks too. Hopefully these colors will still be around by the Fall so I can get my Pochette cles already. :Push:
  11. Vernis colors are "extended limited edition". They last about 2 years, same with the style of bags & accessories that are offered in Vernis. So if you like it, get it!

    Pomme was introduced in 2007 in the V-day collection and Amarante was launced summer of 2007. There are some accessories that are going to be launched in Pomme this fall along with the new bags so there is still a little time for Pomme. You will know when they launch a new bag style that is not launched in a current color.
  12. Before Pomme, there was Rouge. Not sure if there ever was a color to compare with Amarante. Check out the Vernis thread in the Clubhouse.
  13. The "pearl" colour seems to be forever there though~~
    I love Amarante, its the best vernis colour ever. I don't really like the violet though cuz it's a bit hard to match clothes with~
  14. pomme has actually been out for quite a while. im surprised its lasted this long. better get your hands on pomme before its discontinued, as for amarante, its pretty new, so it may be here for a while
  15. If amarante gets discontinued before I get one, I will die!!! :sweatdrop: