Will the Sunset ever be in Pomme?

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  1. I know it's just in amarante and perle right now, but has anyone heard anything about the Sunset being released in Pomme? If the Sunset is going to be permanent, and pomme is going to be around for a little while longer, then maybe I can hope...? I really like the Sunset, but I couldn't deal with the fingerprints of amarante, and I'd be afraid of perle getting color transfer... :sad:
  2. I have the same concerns with both colors, but I have not heard anything about Sunset in Pomme (although it would be so cute!). We can hope, but I do not think it is very likely.
  3. Sunset in Pomme would be TDF!!!
  4. Since the sunset boulevard is a permanent style and it has already been note that the pomme colour will be
    permanent (until further notice) I think the Sunset will come in pomme d'amour, eventually.
  5. I would Love it in Pomme.
  6. man if it comes out in pomme then thats gonna make me want to get another one. lol.
  7. i've been hoping for it in pomme
  8. Sunset in Pomme would make me forget about the Sophie, at least for a little while!