Will the strap work on a speedy?

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  1. I know some people don't like the look, but my mom ALWAYS had a strap on hers when I was little. She had the monogram one though..I really wouldn't suggest it on the MC one simply because if the hardware gets scratched, they'll know what it's from and won't fix it.
  2. I'll put my mom's old strap on her old 30 and take a pic so you can see it. I'll put it up by tonight :yes:
  3. Bummer...So the strap would not work on the MC speedy?:sad:
  4. I think the strap would look great on any speedy EXCEPT the MC only because it would be bulkier and it just wouldn't look right. I'd also love to see a picture with the shoulder strap on. :yes:
  5. ITA... Not on a MC speedy...
  6. I know how you feel using the MC speedy when shopping. It gets quite heavy and in the way. Now, when I know i'll be shopping, i'll switch my hand held bag to a shoulder bag and it works out just fine. I personally wouldn't use a strap on the MC speedy.
  7. Wow...i was just pondering about getting a shoulder strap for my Damier 30 and out comes this post! U gerls are the best :cool: ...
    Ok back to the topic...I've seen the monog speedy with the long shoulder strap but how bout the damier one? The leather is dark, so do they have the strap in the dark leather?
  8. I'm not sure about the straps but the one my mom had was made of the monogram canvas. Sorry for not having a pic yet lol but it's really dark and the pictures are not coming out at ALL. I'll for SURE have the pic tomorrow :yes:
  9. I tried on a speedy 25 in an LV store with a strap, and it looked pretty good. It's pretty with all the sag (don't overfill it or it will be too bulky).
  10. I have a *monogram* strap for my speedy 25/30. The SA sugguest I purchase one when I bought my speedy 30. I have not yet have had the chance to use it, but it will truly come in handy when I travel because I can use the straps to free both hands (my carry-on on one hand and a fountain drink (PEPSI) on the other hand :P.
  11. i don't think it will look its best with the strap....but if it's really good for u then why not? go for it :smile:

  12. Yes they do! I don't remember if it was on Elux, or LV.com....but I did see a brown leather strap just like the damier leather. I was thinking of getting one for my damier 25 too! :yes:
  13. yes they do have straps for the Damier :yes:
  14. I have 3 Speedys in 25 and 30 size and have 3 straps. One strap is all leather and not adjustable. The 2nd strap is for the Damier Speedy and is adjustable with a buckle, and the 3rd strap is a mono strap and adjustable and with a shoulder rest.

    I love using the Speedys and the Deauville with a strap since it keeps your hands free. (Especially useful when you have to use a public restroom.) So that your Speedy doesn't sag when carrying it either by hand or strap, cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard (from a corrugated box) and place it inside your Speedy. (I actually use 2 pieces of cardboard inside each of my Speedys and wrap them in transparent packing tape to make the cardboard smoother.) The cardboard keeps the shape of the Speedy and you won't see any sagging. It works great, looks good, and it's a cheap fix!
  15. Ok sorry for taking so long with this...here is the bag both on the shoulder and cross body style. I'm pretty sure this is how my mom used to clip the strap on, anyway. Also, sorry for the not so great quality-I used my camera on my phone, but I can use my actual camera if needed.