Will the strap work on a speedy?

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  1. I went marathon shopping in Atlanta this weekend and used my mc speedy. It was hard to use a handheld bag cuz of all the shopping bags. I got to thinking and wordered if the strap (the one with the two clips on the end) would work on the speedy, tus allowing the bag to be worn on the shoulder or messenger style. I know it might not look the greatest but sometimes exceptions need to be made!
  2. Personally I won't do that. I won't put any strap on my speedy, alam ect just because it looks weird IMO.
    But it's your bag, if you like it why not? It's will be one bulky messenger bag.
  3. i've used the long LV strap with my speedy 30 when i'm shopping or when i have kids in tow. i only use it when necessary and keep the strap in the bag all the time.
  4. I don't think the speedy was meant to be worn with a strap. It's only by preference . The alma actually has to extra ring hooks on the handles to accommodate a strap. I had straps just to free up my hands for carrying extra shopping bags, packages, etc, but really come to regret it as my speedys would get really dirty from rubbing against the brass including the handles and the extra strap... Would not recommend it. Again, its an individual preference... IMO
  5. IMO, I think the speedy looks better with the strap than the Alma. To me, the Alma looks more like a handheld bag because of the shape. I've seen some vintage speedy's with the strap and I like the way it looked. I still prefer to carry by hand, but it's nice to know you can use the shoulder strap if need be.
  6. i bought the strap for my speedy 30 upon my SA's recommendation. and it works pretty good in my opinion. i don't think it looks bad/weird seeing the stap on a speedy.
  7. Same here on my SA recommendation when I purchased my speedy 35 - I don't use it all the time but when I know I am going to do some power shopping and I use my speedy I use the strap. :smile:
  8. you know, I thought this too until I see how flat and saggy it goes when I have some stuff in it. It might not look so bulky....now I may go get a strap too! what size strap are you thinking about?
  9. ITA!
  10. I agree :yes:
  11. can those who have the straps for their speedys post modelling pics?! I am having a hard time envisioning this! pleaseeeee..thanks!
  12. if i could get my hands on the mono alma strap i would so go for it with my mono speedy

    even tho i understand it makes other LV lovers cringe
  13. I like it with a strap, which is good for me since I really prefer shoulder bags.
  14. I saw a lady in the parking lot at work carrying a vintage speedy with a mono strap. I thought it looked good on her. I wouldn't mind having a strap for mine.
  15. i use the long strap on my speedys (30 + 40) but it will NOT work on the mc speedy.... the mc speedy has thicker hardward. but for the mono it works for me. not all the time- but when i need it.
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