Will the Speedy 30 look too big on me?

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  1. I look at the top of this webpage "Shallow Obesessing Strongly Encouraged"! That is SO me! I've been obsessing over this for weeks! :girlsigh: My mother and sister are ready to kill me. :Push:

    I'm about 5'0 but I wear 3" heels. I'm about... I would like to say 110lbs on a normal basis but I think I've hit 115 due to lack of excercise and moving back home where food is aplenty. :rolleyes: I just purchased a speedy 25:love: about a month ago but now I'm really considering purchasing a 30 off of ebay for about $500 which seems like an okay price no? When I went to purchase a 25 from stores I tried on the 30 just for about a second. I held it on one hand with a 25 on the other and IMMEDIATELY went... OOOH too big!! and handed it back to the SA. I did not take out the stuffing and try it on for size that way but I don't knwo if that would make any difference. Does that mean it really is too big for me? SHould I get the 30 anyways? .... and if I really think its too big when I get it how much $$ would I probably lose out on? For my frame do you think it would look too big? Thanks for all the help in advance!!! :yes:

    Edited to ask one more question: The date code inside the bag under the flap pocket... is the date code supposed to be on the right tab or the left tab?? On my 25 it is on the left tab and on ebay I have seen some on the right and some on the left? Which side is it supposed to be on?
  2. I love the 30! I dont think it can be too big. But it all comes down to personal preference. I think it would make a difference without the stuffing in it as well.
  3. It depends, I am about an inch taller than you and i prefer the 30,but thats b/c i feel the 25 wont hold all my stuff and i HATE small bags for some odd reason.But P.S I am glad I am not the only one who obsesses about things like that, I am queen of the over analyzing!But i guess when we are spending this much money we should.
  4. Oh, if you are still obsessed about this till now, I say, go get it, gurl..! :yes: Otherwise, you will keep on obsessing, obsessing and obsessing..! :lol: I know I would..! :shame:

    Many people will think it looks big on you, at least many said that to ME... :P But who cares? As long as YOU are confortable in it. Big bags are in the trend anyway... ;) Why do you think many PFers got 25, 30 AND 35? Now 35 would definitely look too huge on you, but not 30... I sincerely think all girls need BOTH 25 and 30... I'm having a 30 and will eventually get a 25, hopefully soon..! :girlsigh:
  5. Hey, and I thought I hold this title exclusively..! :shame: :lol:

    But yes, I totally agree with you. :yes: I take LV as something that I want to use for life (and probably pass on to my daughters if I have any... :P ) that's why I'm willing to spend the money. But I also want the money spent well worth the value and make sure that I get something I would love for long and not just for the moment kinda thing, thus all the over-analysing and obsession..! :shame:
  6. i'm 5'4", 122lbs and live in 4" heels, but i can only pull off the Speedy 25. i tried the 25 and 30 on in the store, and the 30 looked silly on me.

    but there are many people shorter than i am who look great with the 30. if you could get to a store, try on both. there's nothing like taking a GOOD look at yourself in the mirror with each bag before making your decision :yes::yes:
  7. I'm the same height and weight as you and initially I also thought the Speedy 30 was too big for me when I tried in on at the store. But no thanks to spending all my free time on this board-- I found a used Speedy 30 and I like that size more on me. Here are some pics from an older thread.
  8. :drinks: Your so funny! I thought I was queen of overanalyzing. =D Drives everyone nuts! My mother is always like 'gosh! don't you have better things to worry about!?'
  9. actually i think that a speedy 30 will look alright on you, if the bag is sagging like elongated, it will be ok but if it is like stuffed till it looked bloated and round, then it may not look that nice. when in doubt, just get both sizes.:P i am 5'4-5'5, and a 25 is way too small for me, i have a 30 (light load) and 35 (if i have a book, pashmina, extra accessories) which suit me better.
  10. Oooo.... Thanks SOOO Much for the pics!!!! *hugs*!!! I love how shes standing on the toilet seat. *laughs* It's something I would do (shh... i do it all the time) just to get a better look at how I look in this or that and my sister would walk in laughing and say "you are the biggest dork I know!":lol: May I ask how much you got your used speedy 30 for? What is a good price?
  11. I don't think size means a thing with a great bag...it's not like you're buying a pair of shoes!! Go for the 30, it's a perfect size.
  12. Oh man, we could be twins ! I'm 5'0 as well, and I was heavier but due to some heavy hitting the treadmill and massive water consumption, I'm getting that figure back so I'm around 108 now. Anyways, I find that the 30 is massive on me - I have a 25 and I find sometimes it looks silly as well ! It's a personal choice though, lots of other girls on the forum prefer the larger size.
  13. I am 5'1 and just traded in my speedy 25 for a 30 (which is on its way!). I originally thought i was too small to carry the 30 but I just love bigger bags and the 25 is too small for all my stuff. I found it harder to get into and out of the bag quickly.
  14. Ahh!!! :greengrin: 108 is my "SUPER FIT WEIGHT"!! I don't know how girls our height sometimes get down to 100 because I know I cant. The lowest I ever got was 105 and that was with 5 mile jogs daily. Props to you for getting to the gym!!!! :yes: I have been super lazy. I used to live in Orange County and I would work out often because hey... its hot weather.. I get to wear cute clothes but now that I've moved I'm wearing sweaters in June and I have not worked out AT ALL. I just stay on Purse forum and obsess about whether I should get the 30. :P
  15. I'm just 5''3 and my DH hates the speedy 30 on me, reckons it's too big, doesn't suit at all etc etc.:rolleyes:
    I have a cerises speedy 25 instead. But it depends how the 30 looks with you, lots of people of similar height look great with their speedy 30's. If it's what you've been dreaming of and it will make YOU happy then get it!