Will the silver buckle of Prada belt get tarnished?

  1. hi gals. i bought an x'mas gift for my male friend last week during prada sale, it's a belt with silver buckle. after returning home, i found that the back of the silver buckle tarnishes, there's little dark spots on it. i can't return it cause it's a sale item. i only did a full inspection for the front but simply forgot the back :sad:.. i want it to be a perfect gift and so have a second thought to buy another one instead. or any method to get rid of it?

    so, will the silver buckle of prada belt tarnish very fast? i can't find similar problems with other belts i got, gucci, jil sander etc. if so, i may need to find another brand...

  2. If you have a polishing/cleaning cloth that is used for sterling silver jewelry, that will usually remove spots like that. I've had various degrees of luck with it. It seems to depend on the brand more than anything.
  3. i own like 2 dozen prada belts...never ever had this happen!
  4. i had started a thread asking what material prada hardwares are made of. i suspect different things for different range. can you go to your local jeweler and see what the metal is and then figure out a way to get rid of the spot after that might be easier?