Will the Robinson double zip tote in Luggage be around for a couple more seasons?

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  1. I've been eying this bag and I really regret not purchasing it at the last F&F sale. Do you guys think this bag will still be around by the next time a F&F sale happens? According to google, Tory Burch also had one in October of last year? Am I correct in guessing that TB will have another sale later this year? If so I'd rather wait. But if this bag in Luggage is going to sell out I would rather just purchase it full price!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Just based on my knowledge of Luggage and the Robinson Double Zip - - I think it's safe to say that this baby will be around for awhile. I would be surprised if they pulled that item. Patience, though is a whole other level =) =) =)
  3. Luggage is a staple color and TB has 25% off often enough that you should wait to purchase.
  4. I'm contemplating on the fuschia that's on sale right now on the website. Does the f&f sale applies to regular priced items or on sale too? Is the price good enough or should I wait till the f&f sale? I'm don't necessarily have to get the fuschia and is quite flexible on colors. Thanks

    Sorry to hijack
  5. It was 575 marked down to 402.5

    Is it a good price already or should know wait? I'm new to tb bags


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  6. I think it's a great price for a classic bag. I think the fob is also a great price. This cycle of bags is extremely well made. I'm ordering the Robinson Open Dome but trying to decide between Windstorm and Carnival.
  7. Thanks, i tried checking out..unfortunately shipping plus taxes and duties is $100+ :sad: I'll have to think on it
  8. you should call a Canadian boutique and see if that will make a difference with shipping. http://www.toryburch.com/stores
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses! Guess I will start saving for this bag and buy when the next big sale happens :smile: $400ish does not seem bad for a staple bag!
  10. oh yes, thanks for the advice, i should ask their canadian boutique if they have it on sale too or if they will honor the discount. :smile:
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