Will the red Classic Flaps come out again?

  1. Okay. I'm now dying for a red Classic Flap, and I know they're supposedly sold out. Is that a seasonal color that may come out again in the spring? Please give me some hope!
  2. It will! As long as your patient :smile:

    I see reds sometime between November - Feb
  3. Every season classic Chanel would come in several colors.. so the chances are red will definitely come... but when?? who knows!
  4. I just bought my red classic flap. is this the one that you are looking for?


  5. such a beauty. where did you find her?
  6. gorgeous! (:
  7. the chanel boutique in melbourne, australia. there's one more left if anyone's looking for it! :heart:
  8. What size is yours?
  9. itz the standard size hun.
  10. I'm not very patient:sad: , but I'll be on the lookout. I know a lot of people here love the red, so hopefully they'll come back out sometime soon.
  11. i also saw pixel's red in the sydney boutique in lambskin! i believe hers is the large size.

    aww i love red :heart::heart:
  12. i was just going to ask if mine was regular or large... got a lil confused for a while...
  13. definitely large hun as mine is the medium and is a tad smaller than yours.

    i think large is the PERFECT size, that will be my next purchase :smile:
  14. itz a good size for me cos i tend to stuff a lotta things in my bag... how much did you pay for the med?
  15. i also want a red chanel flap bag too! But I haven't seen the red I love. The only one red flap I really liked was the red on the jersey flap from the paris-NY line, but I don't want jersey.....I think a patent leather bright sharp red classic flap would be gorgeous!!