Will the real gold Madison please stand up.

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  1. I just ordered the gold Madison since I do not have a Chanel store close by. There has been several posts on the gold Madison and every color looks A LOT different. For those who have seen it, please let me know what the real gold looks like. Ideally, I would like the color of the 1st pic. Is that really the same as the others? Do they make two shades of gold? HELP!

  2. from what i remember, it is not as light as the 1st pic, my memory is a little fuzzy right now since i saw it so long ago, but i want to say it's inbetween 2nd and 3rd. i know it doesn't help that much.
  3. I hope it's not as orange-gold as the 3rd. If so, it's going back! Do you think the pics I posted are all of the gold Madison? And thank you for your help!
  4. Sorry I can't answer your question as I haven't seen this bag in person, but it appears that in the first photo, the chain is silver. Does the gold bag have silver hardware?
    In the last photo (where the bag looks very orange) the chain looks gold. I much prefer the color in the first photo.
  5. Yes, I like the color in the 1st picture too. It looks so much different than the other ones. I can't help but wonder if there are two shades of gold in this bag.
  6. to my best knowledge, there was only 1 shade of gold in this bag, the first pic looks like it was taken w/ flash, which has a tendency to lighten the true color. if i remember correctly, the true color is less orangy than the third pic.
  7. I remember it looking more like this colour:

    I don't think Chanel would make such a gaudy/garish colour such as this one:
  8. ^^^ I hope you're right. That color is awful! I am anxious to receive my bag! Now I regret not paying for the upgraded shipping. Thanks for your comments.
  9. Thanks. This bag would be gorgeous in a light gold like the first pic.
  10. I've seen it. It's like the light gold, very pretty color. That said, did you purchase this bag with the knowledge of its unfortunate resemblance to...a "weenus"?
  11. HAHAHAH @ weenus..i'm so immature
  12. You're the first one who said it is a light gold. I am wondering if there may be two shades of gold on this one. Yes, I knew before I ordered the bag what it resembles. I guess I am one of those weird souls where this doesn't bother me. Now if it were to grow (or shrink) on me, that would be a different story!