Will the real frambroise please stand up?

  1. I've been reading alot of threads here and most of the Frambroise (from the Vernis range) has been in a shade of pink.

    I went to Elux thinking to purchase a Vernis agenda in Frambroise, but this was the picture that came up for the color. And it does not look one bit pink/red.

    Am I missing something - is this another color and they got the name wrong, or is there more than one frambroise? :shrugs:
  2. Hahaha that's def. the wrong item.
  3. Eluxury doesn't have photos of all the Vernis colors for all the items. So if you select a color they don't have a photo of, the default photo stays there. In the agenda case, it's indigo. To get an idea of what framboise looks like, search around this forum :smile:
  4. This is indigo, I believe. Check another vernis item to see the framboise color. Sometimes I think they only take the pic in one color option.
  5. yeah, check another item for the color, they never showed the pm agenda in the actual color....
  6. Thanks girls! :heart:
    I saw several pictures of the frambroise on the forum and fell in love with it, so I naturally did a double take when THIS came up! And it's weird cos they had the agenda in Perle and the brown color (forgot what it's called) and the pictures turned up alright.
  7. ^ ya they sometimes dont come up with the right colors ont he inet
  8. Frambroise is french for rasberry (
  9. LOL I didn't know that! If I did I certainly would have jumped at the pic! :P