will the real COACH mod please stand up!

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  1. As most of you know, Coach, while for all ages, are in most cases the starter points of a purse obsession. Cute, trendy, affordable (most cases), fresh, whats not to love?! After you realize Coach is one of the loves of your life, you may get over excited, and then when you find a site with a subforum devoted to said love, you may just a little too excited! And post whatever thoughts you were thinking about said brand, etc. Or perhaps ask questions that were already asked numerous times. With that said you may find yourself back after you hug and fondle your purse with some cold messages in your thread, on how this is a duplicate and please search before you ask. The seniors of the forum report it, lay down the law, etc. but becuase the PF is huge and keeps growing by the second, mods may not be able to take care of it at once, which is understandable but what about all the threads asking to buy and sell? Or little spats that turn into heated debates, and the seniors are trying to quell the fire till a mod can come and cool everyone down? or even for stickies? i know there have been requests to sticky certain threads, but because theres only one vlad, one megs, one swanky, and one huge forum, the threads are lost within the confines of the PF archives.

    Which is why I am asking on behalf of the lovely girls of the COACH forum for a COACH mod. Someone to help clean up the board, shut down illegal threads, and have fun with the rest of the girls.

    so vlad and megs, thanks for listening!
  2. well said, aarti!

    llike aarti said, nearly everybody starts out with coach...so those just beginning a purse obsession stop by and see us first. and, in the midst of excitement, many post in the wrong spot- or post what they shouldn't. and many, many of them don't know the rules of tpf and there are quite a few duplicate threads that we see. those of us who frequent the coach forum do our best- but, honestly, unless you're a mod, people don't tend to listen to you! they need authority, lol!

    we appreciate what the mods do for everybody, but we feel a coach mod could make things a little easier (and having a nice, clean forum makes you guys look better, too)! thank you vlad and megs!
  3. exactly kal! Like today, I PMed back two new addicts after they asked if I could sell them something. then proceeded to tell them what was and wasn't acceptable on PF and then explained what MP was, and told them that to enjoy the site fully, they should refresh themselves with the thread on PF rules. Both responses was basically a laugh, with an excuse and that they don't have time to read it, but that was because I was a fellow PFer, so they have no fear LOL. If a mod responded to them then they would have at least sounded sincere. no one is going to mess with swanky LOL!
  4. I already put in a request for a Mod for that Forum this week :biggrin:
    Hopefully soon!
  5. thanks swanky! we all really appreciate it!
  6. hey swanky, do you know what happened with the COACH Clubhouse request? Was that denied?
  7. thanks swanky! we love you!
  8. i know! NOBODY listens unless you're a mod. and they usually treat you like crap if you do happen to say something...i mean, seriously, if you're on a forum, at least read the rules- it's common courtesy!
  9. lol, you would think, but its not always the case.
  10. people always amaze me.
  11. haha, isn't that the truth.

    it would definately be nice to have a coach mod!! thanks so much, swanky!
  12. ehhhhh, people don't listen even when a Mod tells them sometimes! LOL!

    The Coach Clubhouse will open when we get a Mod I'd assume, right now, none of us are in there enough to set it up or even know what it needs.
  13. ^^Totally get you. We'd be glad to help the mod set up the clubhouse! I know kal and anotheremptysky for one!
  14. that part is not true :shame:!!! Trust me, you should see my PM box!
  15. And yes, you will soon have a club house and a mod- we are just swamped, but will get to it this week!
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