will the real chloe paddington please stand up!!

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  1. hi!! just joined minutes ago!!

    anyone who could answer a few q's regarding the authenticity of the paddington...it would be appreciated!

    regarding the black - is the interior lining supposed to black or tan?
    - are the rings and hardware soddered togethered?
    - what does the serial # mean? does each bag have a distinct #? i've been looking on ebay and different sellers show bags with the same exact serial#
    - does the black bag have black stitching or contrast white?

    how can you really tell the difference? or are the replicas so good that only a chloe rep can tell? the sellers on ebay even include the tags, serial #, care tags and bags.

    if you can't tell the difference i wouldn't mind having a replica and not spend all that money.

    thanks for your info!!:idea:
  2. This is a side note: the subject heading of your thread is so CUTE! :lol:
  3. You can definitely tell the difference between the real and the fake.
  4. As we have all learned there is no majic formula - some real bags have the serial nubmers; some don't. Some black have tan lining; some have black.

    However, the one thing we can all agree on is that the fakes all look like pooh. The leather cannot be duplicated, and the way the bag hangs/feels cannot be duplicated.

    There are plenty of designer bags out there that don't cost a lot of money and are gorgeous - it is worth it to save your money to own the real paddy than to support counterfitting.
  5. I’m sorry :worried: but I don’t agree with the former statements that you can tell if it is a fake. Personally I would never by a bag from ebay if it doesn’t come with a receipt from the store. New bags absolutely not! I have seen a REALLY GOOD fake, so good that there was no way to tell it apart from the real one. Maybe only a slight difference in nuance on the leather, but I think this difference also occurs on the real ones.
    Remind that this is only my personal experiences and thoughts on the matter:idea:
  6. i've never seen a paddington so good that i couldn't tell the difference after looking at the pics for a few seconds. well, except for one, but learn the details of your bag and you shouldn't have a problem. look at lots of pics from reputable stores and the members here and you shouldn't have a problem
  7. Actually I have the same questions as kalee.

    Would appreciate your help.:yes:
  8. Ok, in my experience, these are the best things to look for:

    Never trust an Ebay seller who says their item is authentic, with receipt, care card, dust bag, tags etc, and then promptly proceeds to list the bag for £50...it aint gonna happen.
    Receipts can be bought for a few pounds on sites all over the web - as can the care cards etc. So never totally trust that.

    Never trust a seller who sells loads of the same type of bag in all colours of the rainbow....Chloe didn't make a bright pink or luminous yellow bag (not to my knowledge, anyway!);)
    The real deal goes for at least £350, secondhand - any less and you're just plain lucky!

    Black bags, i believe, have black stitching (someone correct me if i'm wrong)..you can usually tell the cheap fakes a mile off, because they seem to stand up on their own, look like plastic and the bright white stitching kind of screams out at you. The real deal just looks more subtle, classy.

    When it comes to real v fake, even the very very good fakes always get something wrong...always! Even if it's just one minor detail, the counterfeiters can never truly replicate such a quality bag, either in the finer details, or the leather.
    I own a replica (:yucky:)and a genuine bag, so i can see, and feel, the difference immediately.

    Being able to tell the difference comes with time and experience, just look at lots of pics, compare real versus fake, ask questions, research on the net, get a broader picture of all the points that make a genuine bag - and you'll soon know what you're looking for.

    Lastly, as far as i'm aware, the code on the leather tab inside is a date code. I think it is some kind of identification marker as to which season the bag originated from.

    Hope this helps a bit!:flowers:
  9. You need to look for bags that are a reasonable price. Anything over 800...maybe 700. If you find something you like, you should post it in the Authenticate This sticky in this forum or the Authenticate This forum. There are a lot of helpful girls who can tell you if a bag is real.
  10. I was only wondering, if a all the paddys have a serial number?Because I read in some places that not all of them have leather tags attached to them, is it true?

    Also, that some black paddingtons have a black lining because Chloe apparently did a mistake.

  11. Sometimes they leave the serial number out. This can be a big deal when you want to sell it on ebay. I could care less if I buy it from the store and it doesn't have one, but try and sell that sucker on ebay and everyone will be claiming fake.

    I don't know about black lining in black paddies though.
  12. I checked out net-a-porter.com and the black paddy does have black stitching.
  13. This is what I've come to understand about helping me identify a real vs. fake:

    1) Not all paddy zippers have the YKK engravement

    2) Some Chloes have date stamps, some have serial #'s.

    3) Some 2005 interior canvas lining is a different color than 2006. For example, the chocolate 2005 has beige interior canvas lining while 2006's have brown.

    4) *most* 2005 paddingtons have plastic teeth while 2006 paddingtons have metal teeth.

    5) Chloe heat stamps on the padlock and interior bag are not deep and bolded.

    6) If you hold the padlock with the Chloe heat stamp facing right side up the round side of the key insert is on top.

    7) Paddington leather is smooshy and the texture is not uniform.

    8) The stitching on padlocks vary from straight to extreme angle. It depends on the season it was released.

  14. Oh cool. Thanks ya'll!:upsidedown:
  15. ^^ Yeah, mine's a 2005 paddy and it has metal teeth on the zip, so as lordguinny said, there are a few exceptions to the rules.;)

    I think we've covered most things now - if you need any more help, please just shout:yes: :flowers: