Will the rain ever end...


Feb 2, 2006
I swear it's been raining almost everyday here in San Francisco.. There hasn't been 2 full days where it hasn't rained. Now on the news it just reported more rain this whole next week.. When will it ever end...:evil: :evil: So sick of it. How's the weather where you live??
I hear ya, Kylie....This rain is getting so tired. And even though it's supposed to last through next week, I hope it's just drizzle and not the terrential (sp?) rainfull we've been seeing...
i saw on the news that this month was a new record for SF, 25 out of the 31 days in march were rainy!! (the record used to be 23 days) i really hope it stops soon, i'm sick of the grey clouds!
it rains.. and it stops and sunny.. then it rains the same day.. then it stops and sunny.. and it rains again.. and it stops cloudy.. then it rains and pours.

socal sucks.. make up your damned mind mother nature!! good grief.
I feel you, Kylie! I'm about an hour away from you and today wasn't so bad, just cloudy. Hopefully weather will improve soon. I blame the groundhog.
The weather here hasn't been the usual "British weather", i.e very rainy. I think it's the driest year so far! :nuts:
Still, I tend not to look at weather reports because we always end up having a little of everything: sun, cloud, thunder, rain...You name it! It makes it so hard to decided what to wear and which bag to take. :wacko:
I'm in the northwest and the usual question here is "when ISN'T it raining?" - at least this time of year. But we seem to get less here when it's pouring it on in CA - sorry! So unless it's absolutely stormy I don't really notice... and time my dashes with my nice bags with the sunbreaks!