will the pst in hong kong be affected by price increase?

  1. hey girls! depserately needing quick answers so any help would be really appreicated.

    im planning to buy the pst (first big chanel purchase) and im not sure if i should buy it before the price increase or after.

    im in melbourne, and the pst here is $1600AUD before the increase. im heading to hong kong mid december and i dont know if it would be cheaper to purchase the pst in hong kong after the price increase.. i was told that the pst in hong kong is $9300HKD and with the exchange rate at the moment works out to be $1325AUD.
    will the price increase bring it pass the $1600AUD?

    should i wait and get it overseas and risk paying for it at a higher price after the increase?
    or should i risk buying it before the price increase in hope that i get a better price?

    pleaseee helpppp
  2. anyone?
  3. yes i believe all classics will go up in price. spoke with an s.a. in hk a few weeks ago.
  4. oh yes definitely i think you should get one now before the increase:yes:
  5. I actually in the same shoes as you are lilyyy...
    I'm not sure whether to just buy it now here in Aus before the increase...or wait until i go to HK early next year...
    However...I figured that...if i buy it in HK after their price increase...it'll be the same as Aus prices now...and I'll have alot more variety to choose from...so I might just wait until I go back...